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Aluminiuim Combi-Hinged Top and Side locker boxes

Combination Hinged Top Cover/Boxes

A great Box and Hinged lifting Tonneau Cover, a great tool for organising your work tools and for keeping them secure, side opening boxes and central lift up top cover, all fabricated in 5 bar chequer plate aluminium.

  • 5 bar Chequer plate aluminium
  • Central lift up Hinged Tonneau Cover
  • Tonneau Cover secured by T Handle into brackets on Tool Boxes
  • Top lifts up on gas struts for ease of opening
  • Pork Chop Side Access Boxes with Flush Fitting locks
  • Samson Aluminium Lining fitted to bed, not included in price, but can be added below.

Watch out for fabricators who fabricate the box lid out of 3mm aluminium and the box out of 2mm, and charge you extra for the gas struts and excessive charges for delivery.

Give us a call today to discuss your working requirements, we can work with you to get the most out of your pickup bed.

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