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ALUMINIUM TONNEAU COVER with Integrated Storage/Tool Box

Aluminium Tonneau cover with integrated storage/tool box

Tonneau Cover - Aluminium with integral toolbox fabricated out of 3mm Tread plate, guillotined and pressed on the state of the art machinery here in our workshop in the UK, they are fully Tig Welded, then assembled using only the best materials.

  • The Tonneau cover locks with a rod lock system, and a flush fitting T Handle for good looks
  • Tonneau cover lifts up on gas struts
  • Tool Box has gull wing lids
  • Tool Box has Flush fitting Aluminium locks, flush with the surface.
  • Toolbox attaches to C-channels on the side of the pickup to secure the unit from being removed by thieves.
  • Tool Box sits higher than sides of pickup bed
  • Fabricated in the UK , Tonneau Toolbox Combo.
  • Not 100% Water tight

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