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Aluminium TRUEWORK Canopy With Secure Storage Boxes and ladder rack

Aluminium TRUEWORK Canopy With Secure Storage Boxes and optional Roof Bars

Aluminium Canopy and Secure Storage mounted onto a Toyota Hilux HL3 model pickup, with optional roof bars for ladder carrying capabilities

The front storage boxes have been designed specifically for the customer to accommodate his tools and equipment, one door on either side of the vehicle, with an open storage unit for segregration of work tools and equipment

The Aluminium Canopy is strong, reliable and durable. This Canopy has many practical features, which makes it ideal for the workhorse vehicle, we have added a row of hooks on the inside of the canopy to accommodate wet and dirty PPE (work clothes), so no more wet and smelly work wear hanging around in the cab and two hooks to carry hard work hats. The canopy is built taking into account his work tools and how best to use the space effectively.

The Aluminium Canopy is fabricated from 3mm 5 bar chequer plate aluminium, the side doors lift up on gas struts, and stay in the up position, when open. Flush fitting pop out locks are used, thus making it secure and attractive, due to them being flush fitting.

The Rear Tailgate is locked with a Recessed T Handle, co-ordinating a rod lock system, which will lock into either side of the canopy for greater security.

We will be able to fabricate a canopy like this, to take into account your storage system, meaning that you can utilise boxes and drawers you've used for years. Whether you have one or twenty pickups, we can fabricate specifically to suit your companie's needs.

Give us a ring with your requirements, and allow us to give you a quote, you won't find a canopy on the market that will have the longlevity of this one.

88.00 kgs
£1650.00 inc VAT