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Hunter Drawers and Dog Guard

Hunter Drawers and Dog Guard

Fitted to the Mk5 Ford Ranger and the customers own Canopy

All Drawer Systems are fabricated in house, they can only be fitted into your pickup in our workshop, as they are tailor made to each individual pickup, taking into account your chosen pickup canopy.

Product Specification of the Canopy Drawer System

  • 3mm 5 bar chequer plate aluminium
  • Aluminium Drawer System with lockable drawers by means of a key
  • Each drawer can hold 100kgs of weight, evenly distributed
  • Each drawer locks in 3 positions as they are pulled out on their runners
  • An Aluminium Lining is fabricated to fit over and around the Drawers system
  • When the Tailgate is in up position the drawers are out of sight, so great for security
  • Dog Cage mounted on the aluminium chequer plate floor surface
  • Fully Welded Aluminium section Cages