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Overland Canopy fitted to a Toyota

Overland Canopy fitted to a Toyota

  • Canopy fabricated from 5 Bar Chequer plate
  • Canopy Colour coded in Toyota Silver to enhance the looks and keep its looks for longer
  • Fully Tig Welded
  • Extra strength fabricated into the canopy to withstand the Tent
  • Secure flush fitting locks keyed alike fitted to the side doors
  • Dual Side Doors fitted to the passenger side of this canopy, the front door lifts up on gas struts and the rear door lifts down held up on a chain, for use when washing up or cooking with the gas hob, this is the door to a separate compartment that can be accessed from the outside of the pickup.
  • Heavy Duty black locking Handle utilising Rod Lock which locks into either side of the canopy
  • The whole interior has been utilised as storage space so that no space is wasted
  • Roof Bars can be fitted to roof of Cab

Please give us a call with your ideas on Overland Canopies for Pickups, we will work with you and share our ideas and past customers vehicles to give you an Overland Vehicle that will work well for you.