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Tony's Review of the Agrican

Tony's Review of the Agrican  .....It was back in 2012 when Nick and Julia asked if I had any ideas for a good name for the new Agrican Canopy that they were about to launch...And what a great product it is.So when I saw it I thought it was "All singing and dancing" for the world it was designed for...This was when the name "CAN CAN" came to mind....The Canopy that Can...Can Can....Simples.....
Other makes on the market were very much inferior in build quality..Rattled a lot and sometimes took many weeks to arrive!....Leaving me with a frustrated customer...Not Good!...
Meanwhile now over the border here in Yorkshire,it is only known as "The CAN CAN" ,and that's what they ask for....What I find remarkable is that even though a customer can pay many thousands of pounds for a pickup,sometimes there friends ask firstly..."Where did you get that canopy from?"....
In a nutshell it is...
Easy to install
Easy to remove
Fitted with sliding windows
Choice of three differing rear doors
Hydraulic strut opening
"Proper" Locking system
Excellent build quality
But most of all...IT DOESNT RATTLE...Long live the CAN CAN AGRICAN....Enough said....
Many Thanks
Tony @ Midgley Motor Cars Skipton